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Ayesha K. Arshad - Artist, Writer, Novelist & Poet
"Like a muse, she inspires happiness and love in the hearts of herself and others. A mysterious black cat who offers guidance to those in need."

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Hello! c: It's a pleasure to meet you! My name is Ayesha K. Arshad. I am an independent self published author who focuses on fictional science fantasy hybrid romance novels and free verse creative poetry. I love writing nonfiction articles for research papers and news articles as well. Presently, I am an esteemed writer who has worked for blogs, social media pages and private companies since 2013. I have gone by many pennames and ghost writer analogies in the past.After years of being mysterious and hidden, I decided to start publishing books under my legal name. In present day, you may find my latest works including the romance novel series Ashiqui and the anthology poetry series Black Kitty’s Diary available on the online reading website Webnovel.Presently, these Ashiqui is available for sale on major bookstores such as Amazon, Kindle Unlimited, Barnes and Noble, Google Books, Lulu Bookstores, and much more!In the past, I published my first novel series Ashiqui in May 2021 under my old penname "Riri-sensei" but later decided I wanted to revamp the books and recreate it into a more professional template. As such, I removed all my works from the internet in 2022 to redesign and alter it into a more befitting manner, which is now present as of 2023.

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Now then, let's get to know each other! I'll start. c: Hi I'm Ayesha, I hope you are having a lovely day. I am mixed race with Indian, Arab and Persian as well as unspecific Middle Eastern and African bloodlines. I have cultural influences from Guyanese, Pakistani and Indian origins. I was born in USA.I am close to my mom, sisters and friends. My mama and eldest sister passed away many years ago. I have a living biological sister who I am very close to and a bestie who is like a sister to me. I have several dear friends who I consider my family. I am close to some relatives on my maternal side.My favorite color is green but I also love purple, pink, red, and black. My favorite symbols are the moon and the stars. My favorite foods are chicken, rice and potatoes. I love Guyanese, Indian, and Colombian cuisines the most, but I also like select dishes from other cultures too. I am an omnivore.I was born chronically ill with multiple medical conditions and allergies. I have over 30 medical conditions and I am partially disabled but I'm working very hard to improve my overall health as best as I possible can.I am an introvert. I like yoga, meditating, astrology, and fortune telling. I am female and identify as she/her. c: I am also asexual and on the gray-sexual spectrum. My religious beliefs are on the naturalism spectrum.I enjoy learning new things and I LOVE studying food science and chemistry in my free time. Nigel Braun is one of my favorite Youtubers! :DMy favorite hobbies include pc gaming (I love consoles too but pc is more affordable atm), watching my favorite tv shows such as anime, cartoons, old sitcoms and Asian dramas, reading books, comics and manga, hand sewing (I can use a machine too, but hand sewing is more relaxing for me), cooking (I LOVE COOKING!!), drawing henna art (I am a licensed and certified artist), jewelry making, and writing poetry. I love animals a lot and I wish to adopt multiple pets in the future. My favorite animals are felines, I LOVE cats! x3My favorite style is gothic fashion ranging from sweet lolita, gothic lolita, vampire, classic, vintage, modern, pastel, edgy, punk and Victorian subgenres of fashion. I like to mix it up.I love all sorts of music except country and most rap. My favorite genres are metal, rock, punk, grunge, emo, opera, classical, pop, poprock, soothing music, vaporwave, instrumental music, nightcore, ballads, and classial latin gospel music (for example: Rorate Caeli). I enjoy other genres as well but those are my main types. Although, I listen to anything before deciding if I like it or not, music is very special to me. I love music in multiple languages.Lastly, I am a Capricorn with a Leo moon and Taurus rising! c: If you want to get to know me, have an interest in my books or want to stay up to date on my project please follow me on Instagram!~Ayesha K. Arshad